Plans for the redevelopment of the Truman Brewery site at the corner of Brick Lane and Woodseer Street

Welcome to this website detailing the Truman Brewery’s plans for redevelopment on Brick Lane and Woodseer Street. This website shares an overview of the updated plans for the vacant site, which lies at the corner of Brick Lane and Woodseer Street. Following feedback from the Council, local residents and stakeholder groups on our submitted proposals, we have brought forward a number of changes to further expand, activate and improve the proposed new public spaces; improve safety and discourage anti-social behaviour; ensure that the proposals are more in keeping with the local context; improve sustainability and biodiversity; and provide further comfort regarding overlooking and privacy for neighbours on Woodseer Street. If you visit ‘The Application’, you will find details on how to access the full application documents. We encourage you to get in touch with the team if there is any aspect of the plans that you would like to discuss in more detail.

Our vision for the site

The site is located on the corner of Brick Lane and Woodseer Street. It is currently almost entirely used for car parking and is surrounded by a blank wall that does not add anything positive to the area. We want to transform this important space in a sensitive way to bring it in line with the other parts of the Truman Estate and enhance Brick Lane’s offering as a unique destination for visitors, workers and residents. We have applied for planning permission to redevelop the three sections highlighted below: 140 Brick Lane, 25 Woodseer Street and 146 Brick Lane. We are proposing to develop this underused site in order to provide new office space for creative businesses, an active retail offer, two new restaurants, and a gym.

Delivering significant local benefits

The proposals will dramatically improve what is currently an unsightly site, revitalising this part of Brick Lane and Woodseer Street. They will reinforce the Truman Brewery’s commitment to the area and to the gradual regeneration of its estate. The design approach is sensitive to local character and neighbouring properties and has responded to feedback both prior to and since the planning application was submitted. Key benefits of the proposals include: • Creation of more than 700 new full time equivalent jobs Additional footfall and spending for the wider local economy Approx. £1.7m in additional business rates payments to the Council every year Approx. £2.2m in Section 106 and CIL contributions , supporting spending on local infrastructure and services • New workspace designed to be flexible and adaptable to future trends 10% affordable workspace, offered at a 30% discount – exceeding policy requirements and building on the Truman Brewery’s long-term track record of support for small businesses • A commitment to independent retailers as part of the overall offering – promoting local businesses and reinforcing the character of Brick Lane • A new public square, widened pavements, tree planting and high-quality landscaping for locals and visitors to enjoy • New access routes opening up the Truman Brewery site and improving connectivity • New public toilets to supplement existing toilets on the Truman Brewery estate • Significant measures to improve urban greening, energy efficiency sustainability and biodiversity We have prepared a ‘Key Benefits Summary’ document which provides additional detail on the ways in which the proposals will benefit the local area. For more information on the key benefits, please access the document here

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